Groomed run at Steamboat

Go skiing.

Yes, your phone is telling you that it is -22 degrees out.  Your phone is right. But Steamboat is notorious for inversions, and thank goodness for that! Remember your physics today folks: warm air rises. The valley floor is brutal cold today, the kind that makes you want to get back in bed or sit by the fire and enjoy the last day of 2014 in your pajamas. In all truthfulness, that is what I wanted to do today. 

The temp at the top of the gondola is 23 degrees warmer than the base area, so outside of your cozy house, the ski hill is the warmest place to be! It feels downright balmy up there (balmy being a relative term today).

Tips for today:

• Go skiing with friends, and be sure to watch one another’s noses and cheeks — it’s definitely frost bite weather. If white spots appear on the skin, get inside and get that skin covered up. Keep warm by having jumping jack and pushup competitions when you’re standing around and cheer each other on. Enjoy a little extra time with friends and family before the holiday season winds down. 

• Keep those toes warm with some SmartWool compression socks for yourself and all your skiing friends. It’s a Steamboat company, and (full disclosure) my husband works for them. I am the girl who used to have to quit because my feet were so cold I could barely stand up. No more. Warm feet all this week. Pick up a pair at the Steamboat Ski & Sport in the base area. 

• Give thanks for your life. There are always things to moan about, but a day of skiing in Steamboat should clear those stressors from your mind. It is gorgeous out, the skiing is awesome, your legs are getting stronger, and you made it through another year. Take a minute to actually thank the universe for putting you right here, right now.

• Party like it is 2014, baby!  That is going to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but regardless of how you celebrate, party it up. There is a ton going on in town and on the mountain. The torchlight parade on the mountain starts at 5:20 p.m. Steamboat loves its on-mountain fireworks and torches like no other. Town will be hopping with revelers, so check out the Steamboat Pilot for a listing of events. If you are out drinking tonight, take the free city bus and bundle up! Or stay home and relax with friends and family, celebrating the luxury of being able to chill. In our busy lives, that is a treat.

Steamboat Ski Resort

Thanks for being in Steamboat or for wishing you were in Steamboat. Happy New Year!

Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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