As a way to relax with my family before I enter super-packing mode for my freshman year of college, we decided to take the gondola up the mountain.

For those who haven’t done this before, it’s time to lace up your hiking shoes and make your way to the base area.

My dad and I enjoying the view

The top of the mountain offers a wide array of hikes and adventures for everyone. I remember hiking all the way down the mountain only once, but I have hiked around the top many times. My favorite hike has to be the Vista Nature Trail because of the views.

The top of the mountain is also a great place for weddings. Evidence of this event could be seen everywhere — from the chairlift that had “just married” on the back to the gondola decorated for a picturesque ride down the mountain for the bride and groom.

Beyond that I don’t know much more about marriage on the mountain. I’m 18, so I will just drop a link for more information:

Wedding talk aside, the mountain is a great place to explore and run about. So get your booty down to the base area!

And please don’t carve into Steamboat’s beautiful trees. There are much better, happier ways to leave your mark than by hurting a living organism.


Libby Lukens has lived in Steamboat Springs for 13 years and has loved every moment of it. She enjoys hiking, ice hockey, theater and exploring Steamboat’s beautiful community. She is determined to savor every moment she has in the mountains before heading to George Washington University in the fall to study political science.