In the past week, Steamboat has received nearly 2 feet of snow (23 inches to be exact) and with sunshine on the way, Wednesday is shaping up to be a perfect spring skiing kind of day.

Heavy cloud cover blocked the sun’s rays from hitting the mountain early this morning, making for some pretty flat lighting; however, looking off into the distance, it was apparent that nicer weather and abundant sunshine is on the way.

In fact, as I took my skis off at the base (to go write my blog), the skies were turning a beautiful shade of Colorado blue and the mountain was dressed in the sun’s brilliant rays. Just as The Beatles said 49 years ago, Here Comes the Sun.

Rough Rider Basin. All of the fun little buildings and tepees are closed for the season, but you can still ski through Rough Rider, please just make sure to respect all closures.

Sunday morning was a funky powder morning with delayed lift openings, a heavier snow than we’re used to and almost no crowds once we did make it to the top of the mountain. Despite some of the morning’s challenges, my husband and I had a really fun morning making first tracks in Shadows and then again in the Two Thirty trees (a bit of a rarity on a powder morning in Steamboat).

After quite the spring snowstorm over the weekend, sunshine and warmer temperatures are here, at least for today. At 10:45 a.m. the base temperature was 52 degrees, mid-mountain was 44 degrees and the summit was 35 degrees. If you are planning on skiing this afternoon, you can dress on the lighter side and make sure to use your darker goggle lenses to better protect your eyes.

The top of the mountain was a bit firm this morning; however, that firm corduroy did provide pretty good traction all over the mountain. I found Sunshine Peak to be slightly softer than Storm Peak earlier this morning. Once the sun has had a chance to warm up the snow, you should expect softer spring skiing conditions by this afternoon.

Wednesday morning was probably the quietest morning yet, with hardly any other skiers and riders on the slopes. With Closing Day on Sunday, now is the time to get out and enjoy some turns before the festivities begin and the slopes become more crowded over the weekend.

My pick of the morning was lower Giggle Gulch. Not a typical pick, but with soft and sugary snow groomed perfectly into velvety corduroy, it was hard not to highlight that short little run. I anticipate upper mountain to become soft and sugary as well by this afternoon, so if you can, take your lunch break on the mountain for some really nice springtime turns.

It may not have been the best ski season that I can remember in Steamboat, but as always, it has been a fun one. Today I’m signing off from my blog until the 2018-19 season rolls around in a little over seven months. I hope you enjoy the last little bit of ski season (only four days left) and look forward to another one of my very favorite seasons in Steamboat: mountain bike season!

Until next ski season, make sure to live every moment, laugh every day and love beyond words.

Happy Wednesday!


Erin Campbell, Alpine skier

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