Happy powder Monday! That has a nicer ring to it than cyber Monday, and it sure felt sweeter to be outside soaking up the snowflakes than inside surfing the sales.

The word on the slopes is the Daze could be open as early as mid-day. Crews are working hard to get the run set up and ready to ride. Many, many thanks to the snowmaking crews and groomers who were up there at 5 a.m. and to Mother Nature for a few more inches of the white stuff! We have 7 inches new in 24 hours and counting. It’s still snowing and the forecast is calling for more. It’s feeling like winter in the Boat!

If you are a Joel Gratz devotee, as we are, he is predicting an additional 3-10 inches from Monday afternoon through Tuesday. With the mountain opening additional terrain, early risers will have something to celebrate tomorrow morning. You can check updates on OpenSnow.com.

In the meantime, the runs off Christie were skiing much better today, with the very first turns through a velvety 3.5 inches of fresh powder. After a few runs, you could feel some areas of crunch, but overall, the skiing is smooth, especially Sitz and Vogue skier’s right. You could have the scoop of the day though, if you are free to take some turns later on the Daze. I would love to go back up for it, but it’s not in the cards today.

Heavenly Daze – almost ready!

I am, however, so grateful to be up skiing on a Monday, gladly trading city noise, traffic and busyness for the quiet calm of an early morning on Mt. Werner. After a long hiatus from living in Steamboat — back in the good old days in my early 20s, cocktail waitressing at Dos Amigos (miss it so), seeing shows at the Inferno, living with my besties (Ohio girls) — I’m so happy to be back. I recently read a book with a chapter titled “Sometimes You Have to Start from Scratch.” Yes, the book title is “Always Pack a Party Dress,” but you can find wisdom in the most unusual places if you are paying attention. So, I’m doing just that, and after living many other places, I can say with confidence that Steamboat is the best place I’ve lived.

Billy is liking the cool chill of new snow
Billy is liking the cool chill of new snow

One of the best things about Steamboat Springs is that besides being a world-class ski town, it is also an amazing community. To boot, Steamboat is home to a fantastic, professional orchestra. The Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Ernest Richardson, is kicking off the 2016-17 season this week with holiday concerts “Finding Christmas” at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday and Thursday at the Strings Music Pavilion. You can see some talented local kids performing alongside the pros as the concert also features the Yampa Valley Choral Society Chamber Singers, Steamboat Springs High School Choir and many student musicians as well as Broadway star and guest artist Tiffany Haas.

I guess you really can have it all here. 🙂

Enjoy the snow!

Monday riding
Monday riding


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