Back before there were emoticons, we used brackets. So please accept the title of this post as my old-school way of saying how much I [love] today’s fresh powder.

11-inches of fresh fell from the sky yesterday on top of another huge dump the night before that. Needless to say, today’s conditions were nothing short of powderiffic. Ripping some of the morning’s first tracks down B.C. Lift Line and White Out were an incredible way to start my day. Especially the top half of White Out. It was covered in a creamy layer of white, and this early in the season, it’s not too bumped out with moguls. Following my ski tips as they pulled me over some of the mountain’s best snow was a true delight.

Making my way to the top of the Storm Peak Express, even groomed trails like Buddy’s Run were skiing fantastically. The recent snow has covered up all but a few natural hazards on this part of the mountain. Ducking into skier’s left of the trail, you’ll find some incredible stashes of snow about ankle deep and super flowy.

Perhaps the best stash of powder I found today was under the lower part of Bar-UE Lift Line. You can access the trail from Calf Roper and find some of the deepest pockets of the day. Just be careful at the very bottom when cutting back over to Cyclone, as there are a handful of rocks poking through. But with just a little bit of caution, skirting your way out is really no problem at all.

Making my way down to the base area, I chose Heavenly Daze to get me there. Even though I’ve been skiing Heavenly Daze quite a lot this season, I still can’t help but stop and stare in awe at how impressive and inspiring the view of our valley is from here. The morning sun is clear and bright, and the sky is a pristine blue. The vista is practically endless and a true delight after yesterday’s storm.

So for those who celebrate Christmas, let me wish you a very merry one. While Santa Claus is most certainly packing up his sleigh as we speak, I’m excited to see what he brings down my chimney tonight. But let’s face it, he already delivered my Christmas wish: a huge dump of snow on Mount Werner.

Ho, Ho, Ho.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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