Over the years, as the resort base area has evolved, I’ve come to love the many places along the slope’s edge where a guy can just sit and relax. Perhaps it’s my advancing age or how my two kids keep me forever in a state of exhaustion, but when I see a place to rest my weary legs, I don’t often think twice about plopping my rear end down.

Luckily for me, the resort is full of excellent places to unwind. And when the ski mountain opens for the 2017/18 ski season, these same resting spots become the best and most convenient meeting places as well (either before or after skiing).

One of the most noticeable is the line of red chairs arranged along Gondola Square just below the Bear River Bar & Grill. These Adirondack-style seats make it easy to recline in style after a day of tackling the hill. They’re also adjacent to the Billy Kidd statue, which makes them an easily recognizable meeting place with an obvious landmark.

I’ve also come to love a bench I found along the pavers adjacent to the Kid’s Vacation Center. This slopeside seating is situated perfectly for one to soak in the sights of our glorious mountain while the gondola churns just above your head. It’s the perfect spot to people-watch, and it happens to be just up the stairs from the base area restroom facilities. So the next time your buddy needs to relieve himself, just tell him you’ll be waiting “over there.”

Situated closer to Torian Plum Plaza, you’ll find an incredible seating wall constructed of piled boulders. While sitting here, you can face the Christie Peak Express lift and watch skiers and riders zip their way up or simply enjoy spectating the folks skiing down. This is also a lively spot to view the many faces that meander from Torian Plum to Gondola Square.

So the next time you find yourself at the resort village base area and need to take a load off, just remember there are a multitude of spots that will fit the bill. These just happen to be my favorites.


Dave Wittlinger

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