Winter came in with a fury over the weekend and just keeps coming. Despite the slow start to the season, it looks like the dominoes are starting to fall, and the mountain is opening up. The snowmaking crew has been hard at work since the weather turned cold, and we are starting to see the fruits of their labor. The gondola started spinning yesterday and just like that, Heavenly Daze is open for business!

Socked in and snowing!
Socked in and snowing!
Its winter up there!
It’s winter up there!

The first thing you will notice riding in the gondola today is that the visibility isn’t great. On top of the snow falling, the snow guns are going full bore to get the left half of the Daze open. So no matter if you’ve been on the mountain every day since Scholarship Day or if you are just taking your first run, it’s a good idea to take it easy. While there are a few icy spots near the top of the run, the sides of Heavenly Daze are riding great. On my first run down, I hugged the left side near the snow guns and was rewarded with some soft snow that had blown back from the other side of the rope. It also doesn’t hurt to have the rope-line as a guide to see where you are going.

Ski School getting warmed up
SnowSports School getting warmed up

There are a few spots where you can’t avoid the spray from the snow guns, so bring a face mask and be prepared to wipe the ice off your goggles from time to time. I tried the right side of the run a few times, as well, and found some good snow over there along with decent visibility. The way the terrain falls away a little bit over there makes for some nice cutback turns for all us goofy footed snowboarders.

The view from the top
The view from the top

It looks like the storm is going to wind down over the next day or two, but don’t worry, there is another one on its way. Today was my first day on the mountain this year, and things are looking promising up there. The snowmakers are doing a great job, and Mother Nature is pitching in, as well. So for everyone new to town, you can stop panicking. The snow always comes, even if you were mountain biking just last week.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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