St. Powder, the patron saint of face shots, has been kind enough to send us yet another powder day this week. The old saying “third time is the charm” might not always be true, but when it comes to the last three days, it’s 100% correct. With modest totals each day this week, these storms have been building the perfect base to get rid of the sun crust. The warm temps early in the week created some pretty sticky snow that bonded well to the crust. Then it got cold, and in came the powder!

Untouched powder in lower Priest Creek

There isn’t much point in telling you where it will be good today because it’s pretty much awesome no matter where you go. Even though the report only said 4″ at mid-mountain, it was easily knee deep  up top. We started our day with some untouched runs down Priest Creek lift line and found a lot of deep, creamy powder. If you are out in the open, you will still have to worry about a bump or two coming through, but for the most part they are all well covered.

FullSizeRender (63)
Blower turns under Priest Creek.

Once First Tracks was over and Closet and Shadows were opened, we B-lined to Closet as fast as we could. Over the past few days, it has been deeper in there because of all the wind loading. The deeper base and the new snow that fell last night/this morning made for almost bottomless turns in a few spots. Even after it got skied out, there were still plenty of tight lines through the trees that remained untouched. Fortunately, there is enough space in there that you should be able to find pockets of pristine powder this afternoon.

FullSizeRender (61)
Shadows at its best

On a day like today, I would normally ride the Sundown lift until everything was tracked up. But since the tracks are filling in so quickly, I decided to try something different. We dropped into Morninigside and then hiked up to the gates to see what the double blacks were like. The extra effort to get up there was worth it! We took a line skier’s left on North St. Pats (which I will now be calling North St. Pow’s) and ended up in some amazing chutes filled with thigh-deep snow. If you are looking for somewhere to get some air today, that’s where I would go.

If you didn’t make it up there this morning, don’t worry. It’s still dumping and isn’t gonna let up any time soon!


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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