As some of you know, today would mark Rudi Schnackenberg’s 100th birthday (Rudi Run’s namesake). With fresh snow coming down all morning, it was an excellent day to pay tribute. 2″ reported but it seemed a littler deeper in spots off Sunshine Lift. Laps on Tomahawk and Sunshine Lift Line brought the most smiles. The sun peaked through the pass and shot a golden beam beneath it. By far the prettiest morning I’ve had all season.

A few inches on groomed runs might be my favorite riding. The perfect conditions to lay into turns while maintaining speed. Tree runs off Westside had a surprising amount of snow too.

A foot and a half in the forecast for the next 10 days! Do your snow dance and make some turns for Rudi!

  1. Rudi’s Run
  2. Spur Run
  3. High Noon
  4. Sunshine Express
  5. Sunshine Express
  6. Sundial
  7. Tomahawk Face
  8. Tomahawk Face
  9. Tomahawk Face
  10. Tomahawk Face
  11. Baby Powder