What an incredible week it’s been in the Boat! And it’s not over yet. I’m surely not going to complain about the lack of sleep, sore muscles and disregarded Christmas shopping that’s been happening in my life over the last several days. Waking up to consecutive powder days is the best gift any child or adult could ever ask for.

There are technicalities that make powder skiing even more enjoyable. A more centered to even slightly backseat stance, a strong pole plant and looking ahead help you maximize your turning potential in the fluffy stuff. Steamboat’s Champagne is as good as it gets, so we have that going for our powder skiing abilities, too. Although the trees may be daunting for some, they are actually the best place to find deep powder for a number of reasons:

Snow stays deeper in the trees rather than getting blown away like on groomed trails. The trees give you depth perception when it’s snowing, and when low visibility makes seeing where you’re going quite difficult. Previous tracks also help you make a decision of when and where to turn. Getting too close to a tree can spell disaster for getting trapped in a tree well. Stay in the tracks, or create your own once you get to be a veteran tree skier. We are lucky to have some of the best tree skiing in the world, so make sure to take advantage.

Our beautiful and world-class tree skiing

My favorite runs today included first tracks down Rolex as well as upper and lower Valley View. When it’s snowing as hard as it has been, your tracks literally get filled in as fast as you ski them out.

First tracks down Rolex
Plenty of power on upper Valley View

It’s crazy to think that there’s so much more snow in the forecast. We definitely won’t be questioning a white Christmas or a lack of snow for the holidays. Today marks another 10.5 inches reported, adding up to 22 inches in the last 24 hours and 143.50 inches fallen this season. Let’s pray for a 400+ inch season total!

Be sure to take advantage of everything going on around the mountain and base area this week. My pick is apres ski at Bear River Bar and Grill. My good friend and talented musician Wais One Man Music will be playing crafty originals and created covers from 3:30-6:30 today through Friday. Make sure to stop in for a listen and welcome him to Steamboat!

Bear River deck looking snowy and beautiful

Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy being blessed in the Boat!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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