Unlike a lot of people in Steamboat, I didn’t learn to snowboard until I got to college. Growing up in the D.C. area meant that you had to drive three hours to the mountains just to get some icy turns. So when I got to Colorado, making it up to the mountains to snowboard was always a priority. Before I got good enough to ride in the trees or on the steeps, most of my days on the hill consisted of riding groomers all day with my buddies. So every once in a while, when we have a gap between storms, it’s nice to meet up with an old friend and just carve up some groomers for the morning.

Gettin’ some air on Rudi’s

I was fortunate to have one of my best friends from college move to Steamboat, so I get the chance to ride with him all the time. Even so, ripping wide-open groomers with no lines to be seen this morning felt a bit nostalgic. There were very few people on the mountain today, so you can pretty much count on having plenty of room to carve wherever you go. It’s also nice and warm out there, so the lift rides are pleasant and the runs are grippy. We started our morning with a run down Rudi’s to Storm Peak lift and took advantage of the empty run by playing around on the rollers that dot the left side.

Fresh corduroy on Storm Peak face

The conditions on the north side of the mountain are really great today, so as the day warms up and the sun swings around the valley, it should only get better. Our first run down Buddy’s was really nice, but the snow could use an hour or so to soften up. The coverage is great, though, so if you are getting up to the mountain a bit late, I would give it a shot. The best conditions we found out there were actually coming straight down Storm Peak face to Rainbow Saddle. With no ice to be found, I was really able to carve my way across one of the steepest groomed runs on the mountain.

A grom getting some early turns on the Daze

As for the rest of the day, I would recommend riding the groomed runs in the Sundown and Sunshine areas. The tree runs and moguls will be nice in the afternoon when it warms up, but they might be a little crusty this morning. It looks like a beautiful day out there, so there should be plenty of time to take in the view and enjoy all the different terrain Steamboat has to offer. So find a friend, get out there and enjoy a beautiful day on Mt. Werner.

Dan Tullos

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