Hello from a calm, grey bird morning in the Boat.  Overcast sky isn’t always a bad thing, it signals a possible storm ahead!  Early morning skiing in the spring is always interesting, but many of the turns this morning were better than expected.  Variable conditions exist all over the mountain right now, but with barely two weeks left in the season this isn’t the time to be picky.  No matter the conditions on the mountain, it is always a blast to get out and make some turns.




The sun was trying to come out this morning, but the clouds won.  The temperature is actually pretty comfortable with some light wind, but overall spring weather has certainly set in.  A few snowflakes came down during the morning hours, but the burst of precipitation quickly moved on.  But hopefully some snow is coming our way…..



It’s no secret that the spring snow pack has some good parts and some not so great parts.  But the upper mountain surprised me today with much better turns than I was expecting.  Carvable snow was found on many of the groomed runs today on everything from Sundown to Storm Peak.  I wouldn’t recommend getting off the groomers first thing this morning, but with so few people on the mountain right now the good snow should last for a while.  Lower mountain was surprisingly soft in many areas and worth a few runs.



With such little time left in the season, it is worth getting out for some runs today.  The views of the valley transitioning between seasons alone is worth coming up!  Keep it to the groomed runs and soak up these last few weeks of the 16-17′ season.


Pick of the mountain today is Sunset: had the smoothest grooming we found this morning.  No one else around made it a treat!

Have a great day on the mountain and think snow!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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