You may have seen footage from the GroPro Chesty mount, but have you ever thought to turn that around and film someone behind you? What if that person was James Koch, winner of last year’s Quick and Chinless race here in the Steamboat Bike Park? What if you had him follow you down Rawhide, Steamboat’s roughest and rowdiest trail?

No pressure, right?
After a couple of quick, rocky chutes, there’s a hard right turn under this massive boulder.
Keep yielding right as much as you can. Stay high and fast because the trail wants to pull you down.
Look really far ahead and see as much as you can. This is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, sections of expert terrain within the Bike Park.

Awesome shot with the GoPro “Backy”!

Did I mention how cool the shots turned out? Some of these are keepers!

The best sensation is hitting the doubles in the woods. You may not know they’re there if you’re taking it easy, but if you’re cooking, there’s lots of opportunity to take flight.
James is about to drag his bar on the ground here. Good thing the Trail Crew mows back the brush on this turn!

This is why I’m glad DH bikes don’t have a rearview mirror. Yikes! Go faster!

The bigger drop on Rawhide makes for a better photo, but the smaller drop is more fun at high speed. If you want to hit the big drop, slow way down and take it easy. Trail-speed here is way too fast to hit the big side without slowing down. To me, Lower Rawhide is one of the best sections of trail in the Bike Park. It’s not the easiest, but if you’re into a challenge, you’ll be pleased.


Mike McCoy, Downhill Mountain Biker

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