Steamboat is eliminating plastic bottles this season. Here’s what to know.

In a big move toward becoming a more sustainable destination, Steamboat Resort will stop selling single-use plastic bottles this season. Guests can expect to find reusable Vapur water pouches and aluminum Ball cups and are highly encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

Here, Steamboat’s first Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement Sarah Jones chats about the no-plastic plan.

Here’s what you should know:

1. The first choice is to reuse. Guests will find reusable cups for fountain drinks, beer and cocktails at all indoor locations. There will also be reusable cups at all water stations on the mountain.

2. Staying hydrated on the slopes will shift from bottled water in your backpack to purchasable Vapur water pouches at all food and beverage and rental/retail locations.

Steamboat is eliminating single use plastic bottles as part of their 2021/22 sustainability initiatives.
Doing Good Vapur Bottles will be available for purchase this winter.

3. Paper and aluminum are key. To-go fountain drinks will be served in paper cups with paper straws and beer and cocktails will be served in Ball aluminum cups. Canned sodas and canned water will also be sold at the resort.

4. Educate yourself. Guests will receive pre-arrival communication about the plastic bottle ban. Once at the resort, signage at water filling stations and near restaurants will educate guests about the change. A map of all water filling stations can be accessed on the Steamboat app.

5. What else is happening? “Steamboat is working on a sustainability strategic plan to guide us to reduce our carbon footprint and waste,” Jones says. “There are two other waste-related accomplishments this year: First, as part of the demolition of the buildings at the base, we were able to divert 70% of the demolished buildings from the landfill by recycling steel and concrete. This year, our rental/retail outlets are recycling plastic bags, working directly with the processing company of the Bag2Bag program. We receive almost half a million products that come in plastic bags so this is a lot of diversion.”

Removing single-use plastic bottles from the resort aligns with town-wide environmental programs that include a ban/fee on single-use plastic bags at most grocers and markets, installing solar panels and car charging stations throughout town and managing Yampa River conservation.

Winter Park, Steamboat’s sister Alterra resort in Colorado, is also eliminating single-use plastic bottles starting with the 2021/22 ski season. For more info on our sustainability wins, visit our Doing Good website.