It must have been the combination of bright, warming sunshine and leftover powder snow from yesterday’s big dump, but today was utterly glorious. Every run I took left me wanting for more. It’s just a couple of days now that Santa Claus will be making his way down our chimney but I feel I’ve already been given the best gift of all.

What helped make today even more special was the opportunity to ski with my family. Between work and shuttling kids to their various activities, it seems that my wife and I rarely get to spend time on the lifts together anymore. So having a day in Steamboat to enjoy together in the outdoors breathing fresh, mountain air was terrific. My 9-year-old joined us as well and became my inspiration to hit a few jumps I might normally avoid.

Groomed trails like Sunshine Lift Line were incredibly set up today for wide, sweeping carved turns. But for those looking to explore the powder snow, the edges of just about any trail is loaded with deep snow. Among the trees and between the groomers you’ll find plenty of secret stashes still untouched by yesterday’s enthusiasts.

The bumps along Norther were forgiving and especially well formed today. Ripping my tips between the ripples of snow was fast and furious. But generally speaking, this is a great “hero bumps” run to explore for those that are still getting comfortable skiing moguls. It’s not too steep and the bumps are well spaced apart. Perfect enough to allow just about any amateur to feel like Nelson Carmichael.

I simply can’t say enough about how today is about as good as it gets. It’s a great day to ski Steamboat I my only hope is that you get to experience it also. See you up there.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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