I’m not sure if everyone else decided to sleep in today or what, but there is knee-deep powder all over the mountain and barely anyone up there. Woot!

Most of my turns today were made in the Twilight, 2:30 Trees and Priest Creek Lift Line areas. The untracked powder lines here were long and substantial. The snow isn’t what I’d consider “bottomless,” but there’s easily shin- to knee-high pockets of fluff in every direction. With snow still falling from the sky, this was one of those days where every run just seemed to keep getting better.

GoPro Hero3 skiing Shadows
GoPro Hero3 skiing Shadows

This was also a morning were the lift lines were so minimal that there was no ego or urgency to get on the chairs. Everyone I encountered was smiling from ear to ear, and we all knew we were in the midst of something very special. One of my main highlights for the day was busting my way through the aspens of lower Closet at about 10am. Even with the mountain having been open for close to two hours at this point, there were still wide open sections of the run that hadn’t seen a single track. There was so much powder that everyone could find their special place to slide and ride and feel like they owned their own real estate.


Riding up the Sundown Lift, we couldn’t help but let our minds race with what was going to be our next sweet line. In the end, it didn’t really matter. It’s all skiing so well today that any run choice is a good one.

GoPro Camera in Steamboat Springs
GoPro Camera in Steamboat Springs

So I suppose I could summarize my Straight Talk today in two words: POWDER DAY. So get out there and ski if you have the chance. Don’t let the spell of a lazy Sunday enchant you into spending your day indoors. This is a day on the mountain I’d seriously recommend you get out and experience. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier
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