Holy cow, my friend. As if Friday’s double-digit dump wasn’t enough to get our hill kicked wide open, throw on a load more. That’s right, another 10+ inches of snow fell last night leaving knee-deep (easy) pockets of pristine winter goodness in every direction.
The snow at top of Storm Peak this morning was falling in sheets. There were times I could hardly tell which direction to ski other than just down. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE winter storms and would gladly sacrifice a little visibility for fresh POW. You know it’s a good day in Steamboat when there’s a half-inch of snow on your shoulders just from the lift ride up.

Runs like Sideburn and White Out were tremendous. Ducking in and out of the trees on skier’s left off of Storm Peak offered some of the best runs of my career. The snow was super creamy and forgiving which allowed me to sit on my tails a bit more than typical.

Quick tangent…

Last night my wife baked a pumpkin spice cake for dessert. The cream cheese frosting she spread on top was rich and delicious with just the right amount of vanilla to give it a flavor that called me back for seconds. So what does this have to do with skiing? The mountain snow conditions were how I imagine skiing across last night’s yummy post-dinner treat and the feeling of wanting seconds (and thirds!) was no different.
On a day like this, your choice of runs isn’t as important as your openness to adventure. The clouds overhead continue to release that snowy gift we all look forward to but things are swirling. On my last run (around 10am) I could see the skies clearing a bit. But now it’s cloudy and back to snowing. So it’s anyone’s guess when things will let up. In the meantime, check out Nelson’s Run for a sheer delight. The snow is deep and the undulating terrain makes for a roller coaster ride like no other.
From the gondola down, I noticed they dropped the rope (i.e. opened for the season) upper Valley View. The snow was a tad heavier but still super-deep and flowy. Definitely worth checking out as an alternative to Heavenly Daze. And today would be a terrific day to consider demo-ing the latest deep powder skis. The guys in the mid-mountain yurt are working hard to get equipment shined up for a day such as this…
All in all, this is an INCREDIBLE day to be skiing or riding Steamboat. Winter is officially here and we are seeing the benefit of some large storm action.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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