What a thrill to wake up to a fresh powder coat of snow blanketing the slopes today.  The new snow depth covered just over the tops of my skis and was enough to delightfully soften my early morning runs.

The sky overhead was still a bit ominous, as if the clouds weren’t finished throwing down on us just yet.  My fingers are crossed on that front.  But in terms of the here and now, the conditions today are wonderfully smooth.  Spraying puffs of light, fluffy snow behind me as I sliced my way down Rudi’s Run was sheer bliss.  I’m guessing that most of our Thanksgiving guests have headed back home at this point which left me with wide open runs of skiing in solitude.

Fresh groomed snow

I decided to play a little game with myself on Upper Rainbow as I focused on carving perfect “S” lines in the newly fallen snow.  When I got to the saddle and looked back at my lines I was ecstatic to know I left my mark on the mountain (for now).  Having seen spritz of bubbly, white fluff shoot out from under my wide-tipped sticks this morning allows me to get on with the rest of my day knowing I enjoyed some of the best conditions of the week. 

Fresh snow

I’m looking forward to many more (and deeper) powder days ahead.  If there’s anything my tough little grandma who grew up with 6 six brothers on a farm ever taught me, it was to trust the almanac.  Well it’s good news for us that this year’s book calls for a snow-filled season that might possibly go down in the history books.  So if today’s fresh layer is any indication of turns to come, I’m preparing my equipment like never before.

Here’s to a peaceful and reenergizing day on the mountain.  Enjoy!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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