With a big storm on the horizon, it would be easy to overlook the fresh snow we’ve had in the past few days. The clouds that ensconced the mountain on Sunday didn’t seem to produce very much snow until after the mountain closed when they dropped a quick 5-7 inches. The temps were cold yesterday morning, but the conditions were soft and the the crowds were non-existent.

Even though we didn’t get any new snow overnight, the conditions will be pretty similar today. The sun has just peaked out through the clouds and should stay out until the next storm moves in this afternoon. The snow that fell on Sunday was just enough to cover the crust that formed on the bump runs last week and should be even better as it gets skied on. The best ungroomed runs will be the lower angle runs near Sundown and Sunshine. If you carve to hard in the trees you will still hit a bit of crust, but staying light on your feet helps you stay on top of the soft stuff. The best method for avoiding the crust is to try and ride the troughs of the moguls where the snow has been pushed.

The new snow has been great for refreshing our south facing groomed runs as well. Now that the days are a bit longer and the temps are warmer, a few brown patches have shown up on the steeper runs like West Side and Valley View. Since the snow fell early in the evening, the groomers were able to cover most of the thin spots. Since there was a lot more snow up high the best groomers will be up top today. Try Buddy’s Run if you are riding Storm Peak or High Noon and Tomahawk.

Enjoy this sunshine while it lasts, because things are going to get quite stormy tonight. The conditions tomorrow and Thursday will be cold and windy with partial white out conditions. Some forecasters are forecasting up to 15″ of new snow from this storm so the mountain should get better and better as the week goes on.