One of the best parts of early season riding is catching runs when they are first opened for the year.  The ski patrol dropped the rope on some of our favorites this morning giving us a nice treat to enjoy on this fine Tuesday.


It is a cold morning here in Steamboat, but when there is fresh snow to be had you just need to go for it.  We received another round of new snow last night adding to what we had yesterday resulting in some nice soft turns out there.  The first turns of the day on Rudi’s Run and Rainbow were plush and smooth allowing my skis to carve deeply into the manicured corduroy.  We have seen some variable snow conditions so far this year on groomed runs, but today offered up the softest and most predictable turns yet.  We made sure to arrive at Storm Peak before it opened in anticipation for the new terrain available up top — can’t be late to that party!  Before we enjoyed buttery soft corduroy turns on Buddy’s Run today, we stopped and said hello to Buddy himself – he sure looks good with a fresh coat of snow!


While I do love carving turns on soft corduroy, I am partial to dipping my skis into fresh, deep snow.  There are a few new runs open today including Storm Peak, Triangle 3, Flying Z and lots more. We headed out toward Flying Z for the first time this year, which was definitely the right call.


It was great in there — some of the best turns we have had so far this season.  It was knee deep and oh so fluffy.  Our group went back to Flying Z a number of times because there were just too many fresh lines to pass up.  Maybe no one else knew it was open because we seemingly had the place to ourselves.


The mountain is skiing great today with soft snow everywhere and minimal crowds.  It is a bit cold out there, but the blue sky in the distance tells me we are in for a nice afternoon, so be sure to get out here for some fun!  Pick of the mountain today is Flying Z — I think the photos in this report tell you why.


Early season conditions do exist out there, so please ride with care and respect trail closures.  Have a great day on the mountain!



Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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