Ol’ Ma Nature has blanketed us once again, just in time for some lazy Sunday runs atop early morning fresh. The few inches we received overnight have added a creamy surface to the slopes which I just love.

I jumped in behind a family having a load of fun as they enjoyed some togetherness. The little ripper in pink especially caught my eye. Her linked turns and adventurous spirit seemed to guide her skis along the slope’s edge where she was rewarded with a few natural bumps and jumps. Mom and dad seemed to be celebrating the fact that their child has earned her freedom to explore. What fun to watch from a distance.

Little Ripper in Pink
Little ripper in pink

Walking through Gondola Square, I couldn’t help but notice the calm contentment of the day. The newly fallen snow seems to have put all right with the world once again and the season is beginning to blossom. I have no official reports to draw on (at the moment), but I’m guessing we’re expecting to open new terrain very soon. Looking up from Christie at Heavenly Daze, the snow machines were working hard at making the sweet grooves we call corduroy. I can’t wait to jump on the gondola for the first time this season and experience this trail first-hand.

Warming Fire in the Heart of the Base Area
Warming fire in the heart of the base area

Downtown Steamboat seems to remain a blaze of excitement. Holiday shopping is in full-swing even after Small Business Saturday. Santa’s Workshop (between 5th and 6th on Lincoln Avenue) has been the on-going home of the jolly man himself. So gather up the kiddos and plan to get their gift wishes on record. And while you’re downtown, don’t forget to soak in some views of historic Howelsen Hill. No doubt our beloved Nordic combined team will be jumping the 90-meter soon.

So this is goodbye for now but not for long. The call of winter is too great to keep me off the slopes for long. Enjoy the day!


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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