Recently, American downhiller Travis Ganong gave a poignant speech following his incredible silver medal performance during the Alpine World Championships. His message was quite simple:  “Skiing is the most fun thing you can do, and when it works out well in a venue and on a stage like this, it’s so special.” His simple statement resonated as it truly comes back to this simple fact: passion for the sport! Whether you are standing atop a World Cup podium or learning your first few turns, the joy of the process is the same.

Passion is what allows anyone to continue through trying times. All athletes have faced challenges in their athletic progression. What we all fall back on is that we love what we do. This is true for everyone and for all aspects of life. There are always times of frustration and setbacks, but love continues to motivate anyone to push through the difficulties.

Too often, our focus turns from the simple enjoyment of what we are doing to all the noise and buzz of what’s around. This is evident when making sure we have the best equipment, that our kids have the right instructor and that our reservation is set for dinner this evening. All of this can be a distraction from the simple joy of being out on the slopes.

They key is this: Love what you do and enjoy the beauty of the moment! Who knows where it might take you.