Based on some snow reports I had read over the weekend, I thought Tuesday was going to be the big powder day this week, but as it turns out, Wednesday surprised me with an 8″ powder day!  That’s right, it’s a powder day in the ‘boat!  Quiet slopes, fluffy tree runs, good visibility and nice groomers made this morning quite lovely and serene on our beautiful mountain.  

Today has a little something to offer everyone.  For those who love Steamboat’s coveted trees, the powder was soft, light and fluffy; by definition it truly was the champagne powder® that we all know and love in Steamboat.  For those who prefer freshly groomed slopes, the corduroy was like grippy velvet, smooth and luxurious.  And for everyone, the slopes were quiet, there were no lift lines and the visibility was actually great at the summit.

Most powder days I’ve skied this year have had amazing snow but poor visibility, mostly due to continuing heavy snow (which certainly isn’t a problem here in Steamboat).  Today, however, snowflakes fell peacefully from clearing skies overhead, providing great visibility in and out of the trees.  They were the kind of snowflakes that kiss your nose and fall softly onto your glove for admiration of their perpetual uniqueness.  Quiet snowflakes, abundant champagne powder® and snow-covered trees made for a stunning and magical winter wonderland in Steamboat this morning,

 I felt like I was bouncing around on top of soft, fluffy marshmallows in the trees.  With light crowds on the mountain, you could find fresh tracks nearly everywhere.  The Two-Thirty trees, Shadows and Closets were especially fun, as were some of my favorite trees that made me feel quite small with the deep powder and massive, snow-covered trees (hint, hint).

If I had more time in my day I would have hiked up to the top of Mt. Werner to enjoy some fresh tracks on North St. Pats or Christmas Tree Bowl.  I’d imagine those runs and others on Mt. Werner have some perfectly pristine powder on a day like today.

As I skied down Upper and Lower Valley View, the skies were changing and the cloud cover seemed to thicken, so it’s hard to tell what the day has in store for us.  There have been several days recently where lower mountain fog has given way to upper mountain sunshine, and that may very well be the case for today.  I do know that continuing cold temps and sunny skies are on the way, which should keep the powder light, the groomers fast and will make the visibility perfect.

Happy powder day all, and to all, a happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Snowboarder

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