Are you stoked to get out on the mountain? Every workout you do now will pay back in performance out on the slopes and help protect you against injury. Statistics indicate the more fit you are, the less likely you are to be injured, especially as you get a little older. Knee injuries, in particular, are correlated with hip strength and control of pelvic posture.

Get your workout started by warming up for five minutes: run, skip, jump, dance or prance, but get your heart rate up, your muscles warm and your breathing deep. Concentrate on standing tall with a neutral spine (just a bit of lumbar curve), your pelvis underneath you (pubic bone should not be either behind or in front of your hip bones) and activating your core, glutes and pelvic floor. 

Repeat the following sequence twice (or more if you have time):

1. Find a bench, rock, cement barrier or chair that is about the height of your shin. As you progress, you’ll need a higher platform, but always make sure that it is stable and that the ground in front of it is smooth. Stepping straight up, do 20 step-ups leading with the right foot and 20 with the left foot. 

2. 15 push-ups

3. 40 lunge steps. For a bigger challenge, raise your hands above your head or even lift a handy heavy object (skis, textbook, kid, etc.) over your head. 

4. 20 seconds of recovery (triceps dips, plank, handstand, grapevine or whatever you like).

You will have to keep good posture as well as activate your core, glute and pelvic floor muscles throughout to do these exercises properly. Do this workout three times per week to help keep you Fit For Snow!

(Consult your medical provider before commencing this or any other exercise or nutrition program.)

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