If you missed out on New Year’s Day First Tracks, not to worry, Steamboat is currently getting dumped on and you’ll likely have a chance to find first tracks throughout the day as snow continues. And even better, the way this winter storm is tracking, there is a very good chance for DEEP powder Thursday morning in Steamboat. Happy New Year!

A few inches of fresh snow in the trees today and another 8-12″ is expected overnight tonight, so make your powder morning arrangements now!

As I was getting ready to ski this morning, the first snowflakes were starting to fall. By the time I arrived at the mountain, the skies had opened up and snowflakes were falling faster than my eyes could track them. At the base area, the snowflakes were quite large, but at the very top of the mountain, they decreased in size as the temperature cooled slightly, but continued to fall with a fury.

First tracks certainly delivered on its name today with the dumping snow covering up your previous runs’ tracks faster than you could ski or ride

First Tracks certainly delivered on its name this morning because just as you finished one run and rode up either Sunshine Lift or Sundown Express, your tracks had already been covered up by millions of tiny champagne-like snowflakes.

Sunshine Lift

Visibility was a bit tough, so please make sure to choose your low-light goggle lenses today and likely tomorrow as the snow is supposed to continue for the next 36 hours in Steamboat. According to Joel Gratz’s Daily Snow report, the deepest powder predictions are for Thursday morning and could likely be in the double digits, so make your powder morning arrangements now!

The Sunshine Olympian Trail winding through the trees between Quickdraw and Flintlock

Today, the new snow certainly was not bottomless, but several inches of fresh snow sitting on top of smooth groomers was a nice little New Year’s Day treat. The layer of snow underneath was firm, especially in the trees or on trails that had not been groomed. For today, I would recommend sticking to the groomed trails and getting your legs warmed up for skiing and riding the trees tomorrow as I’d imagine you’ll find a blanket of deep and soft powder covering the entire mountain by tomorrow morning.

It appears as a morning fog but it’s actually a heavy morning snowfall

As many locals and visitors alike are taking the time to enjoy everything Steamboat Resort has to offer, please remember to be Slopewise and ski and ride with care. Have a great day on the mountain!

Happy Wednesday and a very Happy New Year!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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