A little birdie told me this morning that Steamboat is serving tasty, uncut powder for breakfast with white coffee extra fluffy!

We received steady snow yesterday beginning around noon, with heavy snowfall off and on throughout the evening and into the white witching hours of the night. The first layer on the cake mid-day yesterday was heavy, providing a thick, creamy base layer, and mid-to-late afternoon we experienced fully popped kernels puking from the sky. The temperatures dropped nicely overnight creating the soft, fluffy goodness we all lay in our beds the night before tossing and turning because we’re so excited for the lifts to start turning we can’t sleep. Wait, you guys don’t do that? Yeah, me neither.

Woof, woof to all my little powderhounds. (I can categorize 99 percent of this town into the “little” category by being 6’4″, 230 pounds. Add ski boots, a helmet and slap some sticks on me, and I look like a giraffe cruising through the trees grinning ear to ear.)

This morning was powder on top of powder on top of powder!

Powder here, powder there, powder everywhere!



Give the powder people what they came here for!

I read an article the other day that went into depth on “less talk, more action.” That being said, I need to put my money where my mouth is and get back out there for some fresh turns. This is NOT FAKE NEWS!



Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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