I’ve been trying to relax this fall and just enjoy the change in the seasons. It never pays to look too far ahead during mud season in the mountains. It just leads to late nights dreaming of powder and the inevitable frivolous gear purchases. But with around 8 inches of fresh snow at the top of the mountain, I’m officially getting stoked for the season. So its time to get my snowboard down from the rafters, hit the gym and try not to buy too much new gear that I don’t need.


After a few days of storminess, we are getting a good look at the valley this morning, and it looks like winter. It’s hard to say, but I don’t think we will be seeing grass on the mountain again until around next May. Now that its officially time to get stoked for winter, the only logical thing to do is to start checking out this year’s crop of ski films. If you are here in town, you have a few chances to see some skiing on the big screen over the next week or so. The first film to come through town will be Drop Everything from Matchstick productions this Friday at the Chief Theater.


You can always count on Matchstick productions to show up with some of the craziest lines, and this year they are even promising “330% more stoke,” so you know its gonna be good. If you are looking for a bit more of a classic ski film, you can check out this years offering from Warren Miller from the 16-18th at the Chief Theater. Aside from the extra showings, this one is a benefit for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club┬áso you get the added benefit of helping out our future Olympians.


It’s hard to believe that it’s actually almost here, but the snowmaking guns are going full blast, the snow is starting to fall and ski season is only a few short weeks away.


Dan Tullos

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