With a foot and a half of snow in the forecast this week, today was a good warm-up to prepare for the powder. It was a frigid morning in the single digits. With cold temps and no new snow, I had the mountain to myself. I can always count on First Tracks to keep a smile on my face. There’s something so poetic about being able to dig in the first turns on freshly groomed runs. The older I get, the more I enjoy making big turns.

To my surprise, there was still some untouched snow in the trees. Black Powder was soft and the tree runs off of Rendezvous Way still had some fluff. If you can hit it early, Heavenly Daze to See Me is a quick way to exit the mountain. Before 9am, it’s my favorite way to end the morning.

  1. Sundial
  2. Sundial
  3. Sundial
  4. Black Powder
  5. Trees off of Tomahawk
  6. Sunshine Express
  7. High Noon
  8. Broadway
  9. Flat Tops view off of Broadway
  10. Top of Tower
  11. See Me