The clouds are starting to lift, the air is clear and the groomers are fast. What a great day to be in the Boat! With almost no one on the mountain, this morning was the perfect sort of day to get in a few fast laps with your friends or just cruise around and enjoy the view. The groomed runs were firm but ice free and should get better as the day goes on. So if you haven’t left the house yet, don’t worry, it’s gonna be great out there all day.

Hard carving on Buddy’s

My first run this morning was right back down Heavenly Daze to meet up with fellow Straight Talker Kevin. I normally wouldn’t go back to the base first thing, but with so few people on the mountain, I was able to walk right back onto the gondola. Out of all the runs I took today, I think the Daze was the best. The snow was freshly groomed, and they did a wonderful job getting rid of any bumps that formed over the last few days. The run was so fast and smooth that I was almost shocked at how quickly I made it to the bottom.

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After another ride up the gondola, we made our way up Storm Peak lift and took a few laps down Buddy’s Run and Cyclone/Dropout. The morning light on the valley makes Buddy’s one of my favorite runs to start my day with. With the sun just peaking over the park range, you get an amazing view of everything from downtown to Sleeping Giant and even Hahn’s Peak. We decided to cut back over to Four Points halfway down to see if Typhoon was as good as it looked from the lift. Not only was the run nice and smooth, but the cat tracks at the top and bottom were also perfect for getting a little air. Make sure to have someone from your group spot your landing on these to make sure no one is on the run below.

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Spinning on lower Typhoon

With snow in the forecast this weekend it was nice to have a chance to savor one of our last sunny days for a while. Even though I am always looking forward to snow, sunny groomer days are as much a part of winter in Colorado as waist-deep powder days. They give the locals a chance to get a little vitamin D in their lives and visitors a chance to appreciate the beauty of winter in the Rockies. So get out there and take advantage of this weather. Hopefully, it won’t last long.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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