Spring is in the air, but the snow is really trying to hang on to winter.  The slopes are surprisingly quiet this morning and conditions were much better than expected on much of the mountain.  The sun is slowly coming out to shine and it’s a great day to be making turns in Steamboat.



The temperature is comfortable and the wind is calm, a pretty nice day on the mountain.  As the morning went on, the wind started to pick up at the top of the mountain but not too bad.  The blue sky is really starting to come out, so make sure to grab some sunscreen!




The snow was considerably better than I expected… at least on the upper mountain.  The groomers were in amazing condition, allowing for wide, hard carving turns across all runs and aspects.   The runs on Storm Peak and Sundown were in much better condition than lower mountain.  Once you got to the Gondola elevation and down, the snow was still on the more firm side and could use a little sun before it is ready for carving hard turns.  But that should be soon, looks to be warm out there as the day goes on.



It’s a mix of spring and winter snow out there, and the upper mountain is the way to go today.  The snow is soft, carvable, predictable and just plain fun.  Lower mountain should be good as the day goes on, but the snow on top sure did feel like winter.  I would wait to hit the trees just yet, but might see some spring slush later today as the temps warm up.




Pick of the mountain today is Three O’clock: Rarely groomed, this classic run was very smooth today and absolutely excellent snow.  One of the steeper and fall line runs on the mountain, it is not to be missed when groomed!

Have a great day on the mountain!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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