Morning to ya! Another beautiful day in Steamboat. I was pleasantly surprised by the conditions this morning.

The Daze down to Stampede had corn-like snow and perfect groom that allowed early birds to let their skis go. Big GS turns all the way down felt amazing as the sun slowly rolled over the mountain. Yeah, everyone is doing their snow dance, but this morning is perfect for getting the skis going a bit faster and legs more prepared for the coming bump and tree skiing.

After a few fast laps, I slowed it down to work on quick turns down skier’s right of Vogue. Quick little turns while holding a tight line to mimic bump skiing. I can’t wait to rip lines down Nelson’s Run and White Out.

Some of Steamboat’s future Olympians were out training this morning. It’s always a good time to watch the kids train, especially with the winter Olympics a few months away.

A quick note from our hard-working ski patrol team: Uphill skiing is discouraged during operating hours, so head up before the mountain opens or after it closes. This keeps everyone safe while terrain is limited.

There’s a storm on the horizon that should be hitting Steamboat on Sunday evening into Monday. Keep your snow dance going, and it will happen.


Have a great weekend,

Garett Mariano, Alpine skier

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