Single digits this morning and the temperature will break 20 degrees around noon. It never seems too cold when you’re riding but layer up for those lift rides. I felt like I had the mountain to myself. Taking Storm Peak Express and riding Buddy’s Run is an early morning favorite with great views and groomed runs. It was fast, predictable, and empty. With the mountain at 95% open, you’ll have plenty to explore.

Remember to keep your mask above your nose and practice socially distancing between people in lift lines.

Today will be a classic bluebird-cruiser all day. Get out, have fun, and be safe!

  1. Top of Cheesy Grits
  2. Buddy’s Run
  3. Buddy’s Run
  4. Thunderhead Lodge from Buddy’s Run
  5. Buddy’s Run
  6. Tower
  7. Tower
  8. Steamboat Resort (captured with my drone)