Crazy to think that another season (for me) has come and gone. Monday I’ll go under the knife and get my shoulder repaired after a year of it being severely injured. As the last of my lingering ski racing injuries, I’m looking forward to being on the road to complete health. It’s very common for ski racers to finish a season and get surgery as soon as it’s over. Amazing that eight years after retirement I’m doing the same thing!

Nordic skiers skated up to Thunderhead!

I bee-lined it down Rudi’s Run this morning where I met an empty run and an empty Storm Peak lift line–a true testament to spring! No one is in a hurry to get up and ski and I don’t blame them! Slush turns are so much more fun and enjoyable.

An empty Storm Peak lift line

Buddy’s Run was nearly perfect this morning. Not bulletproof and not bumpy! I paid my dues to Buddy and took my first and last selfie of the year with him as I do every season. The top of the mountain was quiet and serene and I took the time to give thanks for all that I am blessed with here in Steamboat.

Annual Buddy selfie

As I made my way down Heavenly Daze I gazed across our predominantly brown valley. Before we know it the river will begin to rage and the hills will turn emerald green before our very eyes. I’m ready! Although I know we have at least a few more snow squalls before that happens.

Spring sun and blue skies

The NASTAR National Championships are in town this weekend. There are lots of ski racers and spandex flying down the mountain. Brings back a flood of memories, and I have to give it to these people that come and race their hearts out.

NASTAR down a steep See Me

Thanks to Steamboat and everyone else who makes this opportunity possible. I love getting to report from the field at one of the most magical places on earth. Next week I’ll be almost a week out of surgery and hopefully feeling on the rebound!\

Enjoy the sun and smile often!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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