This morning I had the privilege, nay the pleasure, of skiing with my wife and son. As it turned out, the experience solidified in my mind once again what a special family resort we have here. Enjoying the great outdoors with your loved ones can’t be beat when it happens atop Mount Werner.

The freshly groomed terrain was utterly perfect. The overnight chill left the manicured lines of snow in a state of crisp and crystallized goodness, and ripping wide turns across the expanse of the run was no effort at all. But let me tell you, things seem to be softening quickly. Spring skiing conditions are upon us, and they couldn’t be better.
What you’ll find as the day wears on is most likely going to be some slush runs on the south- and east-facing trails and along the flatter areas too. A word of advice as you transition between the slopes today: Make sure to be cautious of the change in snow consistency out there. There’s nothing worse than barreling full steam ahead into a pile of soft snow, only to find yourself headed face first into an icy splash. Trust me, I say that from experience (as much as I hate to admit it).

You will also find what I would classify as a drastic difference between the conditions at the top of the mountain and bottom. To be more specific, the snow at the bottom seems to be thawing at a quicker pace and therefore you can expect slightly slower and more labored turns on these trails. At the top of lifts like Storm Peak Express, you’ll find the slopes staying much more firm as the day draws forward. You’re still bound to find some springlike “hero bumps” (i.e. soft and forgiving) on signature trails like Nelson’s Run and White Out. But if you’re looking to tackle mainly wide-open groomers today, you might experience some areas where the top layer of snow starts getting pushed into piles. Maneuver around these piles and you’ll have one heck of a fun ride down.

By the end of the day, I expect to see many a smiling face and happy families in every direction. From what I’ve found, the joy of spending time with our most precious of companions is only amplified when done on a mountain as expansive as ours. So enjoy the day and remember to cherish the moments.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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