‘Twas the night after Christmas and all through the town,

The snowflakes were falling while we were chowing down.

The elves put in overtime, making powder with care,

Knowing full well that St. Nicholas had already been there.

Get out of your snug bed.

Stop the visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head.

Tear open your shutters and throw up the sash,

Cuz it’s a powder day in Steamboat, with extra presents for skiers who know how to seek a stash!


Above that cloud, there’s a breakthrough of sun — but snow continues to fall from the sky. Creamy soft snow under foot and lovely little crystals falling from above.

The chill in the air is bound to warm up as the day goes on — but I tend to think the cooler temperatures are just what this snow needs to keep skiing so fine. In the mean time, pile on an extra layer, a neck gaiter and the fancy new socks that Santa brought you yesterday.

Feeling a little sluggish after all that nog, I slunk in to some of my old faves this morning. They did not disappoint.

My first  turns down Rudi’s and Blizzard were like ripping through fresh churned butter. Then  I caught the second chair up Four Points with the bartender from Red’s, the new third-floor bar at Thunderhead, which I noticed is hosting two happy hours daily — the first starting at 10:30 a.m. My lift compadre was blazing a few fast turns before she headed up to mix the day’s first batch of bloody marys — and what sounds like perfect recipe for admiring the uphill view toward Rainbow and Storm Peak.

In honor of fresh snow, I  decided to save that hangover helper for another day and headed for a long delicious run down Sunset, veering over the cat track at the bottom into the always-fun off-kilter gulley. It is skiing remarkably hazard-free (but yes. there are still a few things to watch out for) and it is so entertaining to zip up and down the sides of Mother Nature’s terrain park while creating today’s fresh tracks. 

As the trees got more and more gorgeous heading up Sundown Express, I couldn’t resist my old standby, the 2:30 trees, to the right of Two O’Clock. There are plenty of perfect freshies in there — but don’t forget to stop and look up, because those snow-encrusted aspens are gorgeous today!

Frosty trees

One last bit of advice…it seems everyone is headed high on the mountain today. I just cruised down Valley View without a soul in sight. It’s wide open with barely a couple other tracks. I’ll call that Santa’s last fast stash.

Happy Friday!

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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