The storm that brought nearly 14 inches of snow over the past few days has created perfect conditions. There’s a solid base, good coverage, and it’s soft on top. Last night, it snowed another 2 to 3 inches, adding a creamy layer on top. It’s not the light, fluffy snow we usually get but a soft creamy layer that lets you easily surf smooth turns down groomers and bumps.

From Triangle Trees over to Three O’Clock, there was soft snow and fresh lines. It’s a perfect weekend to be on the hill. If the snow isn’t enough reason to spend some time with us, there’s plenty of other things going on:

  • Tonight, there’s free music in the Bear River Bar & Grill. While you listen to music, others in your group can enjoy night skiing.
  • Tomorrow night is the always popular Balloon Glow. What’s a Balloon Glow you ask? Come check it out. It’s always a good time.
  • Monday is the Cowboy Downhill, where¬†over 100 of the best professional rodeo cowboys compete in the most unique ski rodeo in the country. There’s also a free concert at the base by Waterloo Revival.

Tons of fun things to do, if you’re not into skiing soft snow and fresh lines.

Have a great weekend and hope to see ya soon.

Garett Mariano, Alpine skier

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