Something about this time of year in Steamboat sets my mind at ease. When you look around and explore the area, you just can’t help but feel, well, peaceful.

I took some time yesterday morning to focus on a few chores around the house in preparation for winter. Things like putting away the garden tools and covering the patio furniture for the season were all part of the agenda. And as if Mother Nature knew what I was up to, she began to send down some snow flurries, right on cue.

By early afternoon, the snow let up and the sun came out, so I decided to hit the bike path for an afternoon spin. Spanning from the mountain area through downtown, Steamboat’s path (formally known as the Yampa River Core Trail) is a beautiful way to explore our town this time of year.

There were many others out there getting in an afternoon pedal. The air was brisk, but the sky was clear. The afternoon glow seemed to light up what’s left of our autumn colors. It was beautiful.

In the evening, I decided to take my son to the Steamboat Wranglers hockey game. The Wranglers are a junior hockey team compiled of players from around the country and Canada. These bright, young hopefuls have made Steamboat their home for the winter and are crafting their skills as they pursue dreams of playing in the NHL. They are an exciting squad and very entertaining to watch if you’re visiting town and looking for something to do.

As ski resorts in Colorado begin to open for the season and snow continues to visit our Alpine peaks, I embrace the change of weather. Life in Steamboat this time of year is nothing short of glorious.


Dave Wittlinger

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