With all the gaudy snow totals around the state this last weekend, seeing 3″ on our morning report wasn’t very exciting. But context is everything and even though we never got into the double digits during the last storm cycle, the conditions have been good throughout. Sunday was the deepest day, but that snow also came with high winds that closed most of the mountain. So after the weekend crowds went home, we were left with a surprisingly deep powder day on Monday and a really pleasant leftovers day today.

Now that we are in the last month of our season, the melt and freeze cycle is setting in on the mountain. Every warm bluebird afternoon is accompanied by crispy, iced up snow the next morning. The best medicine for these conditions is a multiday storm to even things out. You can still feel the moguls underneath the fresh snow, but the groomers are nice and soft after the last few days. The best conditions this morning were easily on the groomed runs off storm peak like Buddy’s and Rainbow.

The weekend storm was a bit of an oddball occurrence for Steamboat. Most of our storms come from the Northwest or the Southwest, but this one wrapped around from the plains and came directly from the north. Because of this strange approach, the typical places where powder builds up were wind swept and some of the areas that are usually crusty were nice and soft. Combine this with the warm weather and you will find that the best conditions are almost all north facing right now. I had a nice run through sideburn and even though its a bit skied out, there are still some piles to push around.

Its going to get into the 40’s today in the valley, so as the day wears on the conditions will change across the mountain. If you are headed up now, try and stay up top and ride Storm Peak and Morningside. It looks like some clouds will move in this afternoon but the Sundown and Sunshine areas should start to soften up soon. There weren’t many lines when I left, so it’s a great day to explore different parts of the mountain. With the weird weather we’ve had, you might find some surprisingly good pockets of leftover powder.