Having skied in Steamboat Springs for over 2 decades now, I suppose it would be easy to soak in the views from the summit and simply take them for granted. But when I found myself up top today, I quickly remembered why I fell in love with this place from the beginning. The views and scenery here are just magnificent.

Schussing down the Sunshine side of the hill this morning, the snow seemed fresh and crisp. I stuck to mainly groomed trails today and it was quite easy to sink in my edges. The colder weather we’ve experienced at night lately has kept the slopes quite well covered in a crystalline blanket. As the early morning sun reflected on the surface, I noticed myself zipping along with a magical state of mind.

I was lucky enough to be joined by a junior skier today who reminded me what it’s like to ski as a kid. The infectious “woots” and “woo-hoos” he shouted could be heard echoing throughout the aspen groves along the edges of the trail. I couldn’t help but zig and zag right alongside him as we bobbed and weaved our way around and explored without direction.

One of the runs I highly recommend you check out today would be Rolex. It was freshly groomed overnight and it holds some of the crispest corduroy I’ve skied in awhile. The steeper pitch of the trail makes this an absolute blast to let your skis run, and the feeling of icy mountain air on your cheeks will perk you right up.

I spotted the Taco Beast, Steamboat’s on-mountain roving dining truck, parked at the bottom of the Sunshine lift. If you find yourself in need of a quick snack today, definitely check it out. The food is amazing.

The dense morning air seemed to hold the moisture down in the valley, which created a unique view from above. There’s just something about looking down on low-level clouds with endless vistas in the distance that make one appreciate how beautiful it is here Steamboat. So breathe deeply and enjoy it!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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