Once again I find myself sounding like a broken record in this week’s Straight Talk. The sun is shining, the weather is absolutely gorgeous, and the snow couldn’t be better. And a happy Easter to you.

The snow I found up top this morning was nothing short of pure crystal. The glide below my skis was incredible, and I could feel how the overnight chill seemed to have sucked every last bit of moisture out of the flakes last night. Like gliding over graphite, the zip I could feel with every turn was soothing and effortless. As I wandered over to the sweetly groomed Rolex, I couldn’t help but feel like king of the mountain.

2016-3-27 (2)-WEB
Lower down the mountain, on runs like Bashor, I sensed a little difference in the snow consistency. What you can expect to find on lower mountain trails today is most likely going to be a bit more grippy under foot. The warmer temperatures in the lower mountain section typically equate to softer, more “mushy” type conditions. Something the Easter bunny himself would love to tramp across while hiding those mysterious eggs he’s notorious for circulating on this day. Trails like Concentration, Ted’s Ridge and Vertigo seem to be holding onto much of the softness from this week’s fresh snow. You’ll surely find some nice pockets of fluff if you venture over there today.

2016-3-27 (5)-WEB
And I’d be remiss not to point out that you’ll happen to see lots of folks sporting bunny ears on their helmets today. I even saw a skier fully dressed in a bunny costume jibbing and jiving his way down the slopes. In a town like Steamboat, it sure doesn’t take much to get into the spirit. What a fun time to be spending here.

So enjoy the weather, enjoy the snow, and enjoy your Easter. And take advantage of the spring skiing while you can. Just remember, only 2 weeks from today the mountain closes for the season. So get out there and play!

2016-3-27 (1)-WEB

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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