Early, late, day, night…. it’s always a good time to get out for some skiing.

I looked out my window this morning to find a beautiful sunrise mixed in with some pretty solid cloud cover hoping a storm was headed our way.  Although there is no fresh snow to speak of this morning, it was easy to motivate getting on the mountain early for the final day of this holiday weekend.  As with any holiday weekend, the number of skiers each day has been plentiful, but showing up first thing can really make a difference with the mountain conditions.  Run after run this morning, I skied in solitude making big turns on soft snow and just taking in the surrounding views.

View from the top

There are a number of advantages to showing up first thing for a day of skiing.  Not only are the slopes and lifts empty, that delicious untouched corduroy throughout the mountain has your name all over it.  Each new day presents an opportunity to put your signature through the new lines of corduroy that usually doesn’t last very long and only a handful of skiers get to carve up.  If you grab a grooming report on your way up the Gondola, you will find all the runs that have been manicured by our expert grooming team so you can head right to your favorites. 

View from the top

Untouched corduroy is a dream and can often be just as sweet as fields of fresh powder.  But you have to get on it early if you want to enjoy the goods in their best form of the day.  Even when the corduroy is gone, the snow will be in its best condition early, because as more and more skier traffic hits each run the conditions and feel of the snow is guaranteed to change. 

Thunderhead view

Mother Nature is throwing us a curveball today with overcast skies giving some flat light conditions, and a few flakes coming down here and there teasing us of a potential incoming storm.  Proper goggle lenses will make all the difference today, so make sure to grab your low lights to see clearly.  Thankfully most of the snow out there is still soft, allowing to make confident turns even when vision isn’t at 100%

Thunderhead View

Pick of the mountain today is Buddy’s Run – the snow is soft and the corduroy was clean and consistent.

Don’t miss the annual Cowboy Downhill today at 1pm from the base area – this is a classic Steamboat event and is not to be missed!

Have a great day on the mountain.

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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