Even with a lack of mother natures help, there are still fun turns to be had. Early morning corduroy is fast and predictable. As the hours turn, the skiing/riding turns more into spring skiing which is some of my favorite. There were very few people on the mountain this morning and it felt good to be back! Lil’ Rodeo Park is basically untouched in the early hours and Mini Mav’s Pipe is fun, firm, and the best chance to boost tricks out of the pipe. The Park Crew have done an outstanding job grooming and perfecting all the jibs.

A few things to note, please make sure your mask is above your nose. I witnessed Steamboat staff working extra hard to make sure we’re safe and this is an easy way to prevent being told to do so. Also, please keep your distance from the person or group ahead of you. We have to do our part to make sure this season runs as smoothly as possible! Be safe and have fun!

  1. Rudi’s Run
  2. Rudi’s Run
  3. See Me
  4. Heavenly Daze (Skier: Garrick Otto)
  5. Top of Lil’ Rodeo Park
  6. Feature in Lil’ Rodeo Park
  7. Feature in Lil’ Rodeo Park
  8. Top of Mini Mav’s Pipe
  9. Below Mini Mav’s Pipe