The skies, they are a-changin’ and the winds, they are a-blowin’, bringing colder temperatures and more snow to Steamboat.  Wednesday morning felt very dynamic on the mountain as the skies were constantly changing, making each run seem quite different than the last.

Normally I ski or ride solo on the mornings I write my Straight Talk blog, however, today I was able to snowboard with a childhood friend who is in town for a visit.  Granted we haven’t had much snow recently and the temperatures have felt more like April than February, but the groomed slopes are still fun, fast and grin-worthy.  It might not be a powder day, and it might not be a bluebird day (although it’s hard to tell what the weather will do throughout the day), but for someone from the East Coast, it’s all smiles, all fun.  As a local, I’m anxiously awaiting another powder day in the ‘boat, but when a friend comes to town and can’t stop grinning because it’s just so much fun, you are reminded of how awesome and special our own “backyard playground” really is, each and every day.

Cyclone off of Four Points was exceptional with fresh corduroy and not another soul around.  As long as you follow the corduroy, you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face.  We did venture onto an ungroomed slope, and let’s just say that it was a bit firm and hard to hold an edge; I would definitely stick to the groomers and stay out of the trees until the snow flies.

The ever-changing skies provided for a spectacular morning.  Before even heading to the mountain today, the cloud cover was heavy and not very enticing, but as I drove to the mountain, the clouds had lifted and I saw light skies over Storm Peak.  Riding up Storm Peak Express, we drifted into the clouds, surrounded by frosty, magical pines.  Stopping halfway down Buddy’s Run, I took the below photos in the same spot, just seconds apart.  Snowboarding down Moonlight, the sun’s rays started to peek out from the fast-moving clouds.  Riding up Elkhead felt like a bluebird, warm, sunny day.  Heading down the mountain via Heavenly Daze to See Me was sunny and beautiful, but still a bit firm (which also means fun and fast).  It was truly impressive how unique the weather conditions were on each and every run this morning.

As for the snow conditions, the mountain has great coverage and the groomed slopes were really fun.  With a little more sunlight today, the snow will soften up a bit and provide some fun, easy cruising before the snow returns to Steamboat.

Starting tomorrow, Winter Wondergrass will take the stage in Steamboat with a free concert at 2 p.m.  The rest of the shows will be in tents and you will need tickets (hopefully you have one because it is sold out), but with it being the first year in Steamboat, hopefully it’s something that will return to our valley next year.  The Knoll parking lots will be occupied during Winter Wondergrass, so you will want to utilize the free Meadows parking lot and shuttle during this time.  If you are going to any shows, get out there and do your best snow dance and hopefully the snowy forecast will hold true and grace Steamboat with a few powder days in the week ahead.

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Snowboarder

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