As I stepped off the gondola into a world of crystallized flakes surrounding all sides of me, I awakened the first time to the fact that today was going to be a tremendous day on the mountain. The overnight fluff that accumulated on our slopes has added a gentleness and approachability to everything that is white.

As I began to ski and take some photos, I realized that my surroundings were so beautiful that I could easily fill an entire memory card on my camera before hitting my first lift. But that’s when I overheard ski patrol talking about dropping more ropes. I quickly packed my gear and headed up Storm Peak Express.

GoPro Hero3
GoPro Hero3

Zipping my way down Buddy’s Run, the snow was light and fluffy. The ankle-deep pow gave enough float to my tips that plowing through piles of cushy flakes was a thrill. As I cut over onto Calf Roper, I ducked into the untracked snow on skier’s right and popped myself over onto Tornado. That’s where I witnessed ski patrol winding the final ropes and putting away the bamboo, which was the sign that things were open for skiing and riding. Cruising the run top to bottom, I found a plethora of shin- and knee-deep fluff.

GoPro Hero3
GoPro Hero3

Some of the other notable runs of the morning include B.C. Liftline and Heavenly Daze. On B.C. Liftline, check out the trees on skier’s right to find some untouched stashes just waiting to be sliced and diced.

2015-11-29 (20)-WEB

As I made my way around the mountain, I couldn’t help but think about how it is only November and things are just getting started. The consistent snowfall over the last few nights has fattened what’s already a building base. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see more trails open today and in the coming week.

My advice is to hit up our friendly ski patrol for some insider advice. They’re usually fairly open with their plans to open new terrain. Cheers!

2015-11-29 (8)-WEB


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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