I recently took the family to see “The Greatest Showman” at the theater, and it left quite an impression on me and the kids. Not to give anything away, but among the major themes of the film were to live the life you choose with no regrets and to never stop dreaming. I suppose I can say that’s how I felt all morning as I explored our wonderful mountain.

It must have been the blue skies and bright morning sun mingling with the newly opened terrain on the Sundown/Sunshine side of our resort today, but I simply couldn’t help but feel inspired to live out my childhood fantasies as I dipped and dived my way down the slopes. Runs like Flintlock and Tomahawk were skiing extremely well, and the pristine feeling of direct contact with Mother Nature just couldn’t be beat.

It might just be because this is the last day of the year, but there’s a genuine vibe of “new beginnings” surrounding the ski experience today. You’ll feel it in the lift lines among the many smiling guests enjoying our resort alongside you. And you’ll hear it loudly in the excitement that our lift operators are vocalizing as they cheerily help you with your chair. Families and guests from all around the world are loving our world-class groomers like Rainbow, Moonlight and High Noon. I sure adored them, as well.

My best advice for today’s skiing and riding would be to go where the mood takes you. The open trails we have to offer are quite expansive considering the slower-than-anticipated start to our season. Keep the edges of your mouth pointing toward the sky as you grin and laugh with the ones you love. Tomorrow is a new day and a new year and time for new beginnings. And if you’re spending this time in Steamboat Springs, then it shouldn’t be hard to understand how exhilarating it is to be in the mountains right now.

Live large, dream big, and enjoy tonight’s fireworks!


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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