One of the best parts about living in Steamboat during the summer is the awesome collection of trails we have for mountain biking. Whether you are heading out for an all day epic on Buff Pass or just getting a quick lap in on emerald after work, there is a trail for everyone. The only problem with most of these trails is that if you want to go down, you have to pedal up first. Don’t get me wrong, I “love” riding up-hill but sometimes I want to let gravity do the work. So today, I let the Christie Lift do all the grunt work for me and spent the day in the bike park.

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting a pedal free ride to the top of Christie, the best part about the Steamboat Bike Park is the variety and number of trails you can ride in a day. There might not be as many trails as when the gondola is running, but you can still ride everything from burmed out jump lines to rocky technical trails through the woods. One of my favorite ways to get down the mountain these days is down Gunsmoke to Bucking Bronc. Gunsmoke is a really nice mix of high speed straights, tight turns and flowy jump lines. The jumps are mostly rollers that go with the flow of the terrain, but you can usually take them as big as you want to go.

Once you’ve come out onto Short Cut Road, you have a few options of how you want to ride the bottom section of the mountain. Beginners can take a left down Easy Rider and enjoy some mellow turns and Experts can take a right down Bronc Buster for some wooden features and the bigger jumps. If you aren’t sure whether or not Bronc Buster is for you, just take a look at the drop right at the beginning of the trail. If it looks too big for you, then you should probably find another way down. If it’s no problem then you should be fine. After the first few features, you can ride around most of the bigger jumps if you aren’t ready for it.

Upper Gunsmoke

Keep checking in for more trail updates throughout the summer. We will have a new trail opening in a bit, but for now enjoy the great conditions and the beautiful weather.