It doesn’t take a lot to get motivated for skiing when you see that our mountain received 10″ of snow in the last 24 hours. That kind of stat gets me moving to the gondola in short fashion.

Today’s conditions are soft, forgiving and a lot like skiing through butter cream frosting. Last night’s dump left nothing but smooth, rich, creamy, untracked lines of powder snow on top of what is already an incredible snow base. Seeing as how this is just the last day of January, I’m going on record now to say that this could possibly be one of the best seasons I’ve experienced in over a decade. It doesn’t matter which run you pick on a day like this. Everything and everywhere is skiing and riding impeccably.

2016-1-31 (3)-WEB
Some of my favorite highlights of the day so far include Twilight trees and, of course, Shadows. The upper-ankle deep fluff in these areas will get you sliding and riding with a wide smile. I heard so many hoots and hollers from my fellow snow compadres that I began to lose count. You could tell from the vibe in the lift line after every run that today was something very special. There’s no doubt that we were all having a blast ripping and tearing up Mother Nature’s finest.

GoPro Hero3 - Shadows ski run
GoPro Hero3

So let me assure you that today is nothing short of an epic powder day in Steamboat. If you have a chance to get up here and enjoy it, I encourage you to do so. There are so many untouched lines still to be carved out. When the goods are good, you simply have to experience them for yourself. And I encourage you to explore a little, too. For example, I shot myself down the ridge line that dumps into the very lowest section of Sundown Lift Line, and it was ridiculously good. So much powder and so few tracks to ski behind. I’d seriously recommend you keep your eye out for special little treats like this today. Our mountain seems covered with them.

2016-1-31 (4)-WEB

Enjoy the powder, Steamboat. What a wonderful day to be alive and on the mountain.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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