This summer is very similar to 2019 summer with only half the mountain being open for biking. I, like many in town, am happy just to be able to take Christie Peak Express and not have to climb! The trail crew did an amazing job with our newest edition ‘Huckleberry’…and huck is right! Taking Rustler’s Ridge will lead you to the head of Huckleberry. Super flowy jump line that leads you into Buckin’ Bronc. If you’re comfortable catching air then you will surely enjoy Huckleberry.

I implore new riders to ride within their limits and stay safe out there. There’s plenty of helpful people working the mountain so know before you go!

Here’s the link to the summer trail map.

  1. Taco Beast (located at the top of Christie lift) serving some happy people with a view!
  2. Trail split Rustler’s Ridge to Huckleberry
  3. Cool lounge area on Huckleberry.
  4. Wooden feature dropping you into the first jump line on Huckleberry.
  5. Same feature.
  6. Fast and flowy section on Huckleberry.
  7. Flow in the trees towards the end of Huckleberry.
  8. Same as above.
  9. Larry Budwig enjoying Huckleberry.
  10. Larry finding his rhythm on Rustler’s Ridge.