I didn’t know what to expect when I headed up to the mountain today. Sure, it snowed all day yesterday, but the wind was howling and you never know how that is going to affect the snow. Sometimes that means variable conditions and sometimes it moves the snow around just enough to create a flat surface and cover the little bumps. Fortunately today it was the latter and the thick snow that fell was deep and soft.

Even though the powder cam only showed a few inches overnight, there was a solid 6-8 inches on most of the runs. Since it mostly fell yesterday the best conditions were in the less traveled areas and the trees. So I went straight past the untracked open runs in front of me this morning and decided to head for the trees. I started with a few runs through Twilight and found some of the best snow on the mountain. Since Twilight borders a wide open run, it ends up getting a lot of extra snow blown into it as the winds sweep across the mountain.

After a few runs on Sundown, I decided to take a spin through Closet and Shadows. After waiting for the rope to drop at the top, I raced over to Closet and found tons of deep untracked lines through the trees. The snow in there is just thick enough that it should remain soft even after it gets carved up. So if you are just getting up to the mountain, this is your best bet.

I didn’t make it up to the gates this morning, but I have to assume the bowls up there are really deep. Instead of heading up morningside, I stuck to the runs served by Storm Peak lift. The open areas were starting to get tracked out, but the north facing trees were still mostly untouched. The conditions in Triangle 3 and and on Flying Z were as good as I found anywhere else on the mountain.

It looks like the snow should start to move out of the valley this afternoon and give way to a little sunshine. The forecast for the rest of the week keeps changing but it looks like our best bet for more snow will be on Thursday afternoon. The werent too many people up there today, so even if you can’t make it out until tomorrow, there should be plenty of leftovers for you.