I don’t dare say what the feeling in the air is this morning. It starts with an “s”, ends with a “g” and is nowhere close to even remotely around the corner regardless of what our furry friend told us the other day. Today’s conditions include a healthy gust at the top of the mountain, with a few flakes to be seen floating by. Once you get off the summit and make your way down, the snow is soft and supple. Perfect for a day of cruising with friends or family!

Storm’s a brewing!

First tracks skiers were greeted with super soft corduroy and gusty winds on the south side of the mountain. As unusual as winds are for Steamboat resort and the Yampa Valley, it’s always a sure-fire sign of weather moving in.

Tornado fast and carvy

Looks like a lot of snow in the forecast for the next few days. We’ll take it! After all, we are just now getting into our snowy months of the year. Hence why I don’t dare use that “s” word when it’s only the beginning of February!

Groomer galore on Lower High Noon

You may see some geared-up bike riders around the base today. This afternoon the Cool Dual Bike Race takes over the slopes for some thrilling head-to-head racing.

This Wednesday marks the beginning of all of us local’s favorite week of the winter in Steamboat with the beginning of the 104th Winter Carnival! I’m so thrilled that the snow sculptures are returning this year, and I can’t wait for another historic night event. Not to mention the Soda Pop Slalom, the Street Events and the Diamond Hitch Parade! This is hands down the best week of the winter to be in Steamboat!

Until next time, stay smart, stay safe and have fun!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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